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‘Pour Dieu et pour elle’   


Autumn 1621, young Christian of Brunswick, declared himself for the cause of the Protestants. Some years before, in 1616, he was elected Lutheran administrator of the Prince-Bishopric of Halberstadt. This position provided him the necessary finances to start a military career. The Catholics called him ‘the false bishop’. Young Christian loved war and hated Catholics.
After the defeat of the Protestants at the battle of ‘White Mountain’ in 8th November 1620 he saw the opportunity of leading himself the Protestant cause. He raised an army and declared in a romantic way passionately in love in a chivalrous way of Elizabeth, the wife of Frederick V, ‘The Bohemian Queen’.
On one occasion that they met, the beautiful queen lost a glove. Christian saw it and rapidly took the glove from the floor and with a reverence he told her ‘Madan, i will return the glove to you once we were at the Palatinate’.
From this moment he wore the glove sewed to his hat with this inscription on it, ‘Pour Dieu et pour elle’ (For God and for her), a blasphemy in fact, as he meant Elizabeth not the mother of Jesus.





Kondor captured

December 4th, 1937, Bujalaroz, Spain. A fighter Messerchmitt Bf-109 of the Kondor Legion, numbered 6-15 and flown by Otto Polenz was forced to make an emergency landing on a road behind enemy lines. Otto had fought against some I-16 Republican fighters commanded by the soviet Alexandr Gossiov.

After landing the aircraft was rapidly hidden by Republican land forces. It seems that only minor damages were suffered by the Bf-109, probably in the fuel system. It was repaired and possibly flown to Sabadell by a Soviet pilot.

You can guess that this kind of capture, a Bf-109 almost intact, was of great interest not only for the Spanish Republic but for the Soviet Union and France.

As the aircraft has been forced to land due to a fight against soviet pilots the URSS claimed the Bf-109 to be inspected by his experts, but also France was asking for the same. Finally, apart for the Republican army, French experts were allowed to inspect it, possibly in exchange of something of political value.  This aircraft was later sent to the Soviet Union and tested in the institute II-VVS.

During the WWII this aircraft served with a special Soviet reconnaissance unit equipped with captured German aircraft, it was captured back by German JG27. The final fate of this plane is unknown