Our past:

Headquarter SL.  was created on Nov. 2013, but our first steps were done in May 2012.

What initially started as modd based on the Ageod title Revolution Under Siege, finally went into a stand alone game called España:1936.

In September 2015 we released our second Ageod title, ‘Thirty Years War’ and in may 2017 our third Ageod title ‘English Civil War’

Our present:

Working on new interesting projects. We want to create that unique wargames that players love as we also love wargames and history.

Our future:

What will we do after releasing ECW? We have started the design of a new own engine, we have designed a boardgame ‘The World at War: Europe’ with the idea of releasing in 2019 and maybe developing a version por PC or Tablet, and we have more ideas around. … stay tunned.


Contact with us: miguel.santacruz@headquarter.es

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